Six selfies because you guys are jerks for not tagging me. >=[

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i am loving n powerful n cool and i will get my shit together one day at a time

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Uugggh so sleepy

Tender, squishy, sad and angry.

Dexter’s come inside to hang out with us because the storm was loud and scary.


Anonymous asked:

I understand why it's not acceptable to mock the poor or the disabled, but why is it wrong to mock the stupid? And in this case I mean people who are willfully ignorant, not people who are uneducated due to lack of the chance to become educated or those that have learning disabilities. I mean people like American congressmen that claim global warming isn't real and rape happens for a reason. Why can't we mock them?


Firstly, stupid and ignorant are two different things. The post you’re responding to was about a particular song, mocking poor use of grammar. It’s wrong to mock that, and you clearly already know why as you mentioned lack of opportunities and learning disabilities.

Secondly - if you’re talking about people with opinions you think are ignorant, why do you think it’s necessary to mock them? Why not just demonstrate the folly of their arguments? Calling politicians who want to enact oppressive policies ‘stupid’ and making fun of their intelligence is not productive. It’s important to acknowledge that these people aren’t unintelligent, they don’t get into power by accident.

Why are you so interested in mocking people?

today i am feeling very soft and tender


if you dont like me please dont pretend to like me ever

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Weird Al apologises for one word in a parody song that is ableist as fuck in its entirety

if you are actually worried about offending people maybe don’t base part of your career on making fun of them?

parody songs are cool and all but laughing at fat people / poorly educated people / poor people… not so much

i don’t want to struggle to connect with people any more


if you think i seem thirsty for attention

  1. i am

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Oh yes Sophie, I know that feeling.


Feeling very good this morning (my belly is a very cute belly) so after I showered I indulged my vanity in the bathroom mirror

Then Rupert arrived and wanted to join in (his belly is also a very cute belly) so we had a quick photoshoot together

We’re not models I swear

one year ago yesterday (apparently one year ago today i had a day where i didn’t post selfies. very odd.)