When they call for me I’ll be sitting at my desk with a gun in my hand, wearing a bulletproof vest, singing ‘My my my, how the time does fly when you know you’re gonna die by the end of the night.’


La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)

yeah-pretty-much replied to your post: “Anybody got any suggestions for fabric-suitable spray paint?”:
Product called Simply Spray which you can find at Spotlight, Lincraft and Eckersley’s! It’s only good on light fabric through. Otherwise I’d recommend acrylic in conjunction with airbrushing medium and fabric medium, then putting in a spray bottle.

Ooh! Thank you! I looked in Lincraft and they didn’t have anything but they suggested Eckersley’s, I’ll check them out next time I’m in the city. And I hadn’t thought about using a spray bottle either, that’s got a nice DIY feel about it!

Anybody got any suggestions for fabric-suitable spray paint?

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Look What You’ve Done





i don’t always love
my body as it deserves
but i’ll always try

this is my body
marked and aching, far from toned
and it is awesome

when at my lowest
it is the most important
time to love myself


#nowplaying Max Sedgley - Slowly


Handsome Boy Modeling School - I’ve Been Thinking feat. Cat Power (White People, 2004)

I don’t like cabbies who have all the windows down

About half an hour after taking the photo of the rad shirt, a hosepipe explode all over me. So now, rad singlet.

Uhhhhhhh… You okay, Sophie?

rad shirt